Terms of Trade of Valferšir Ltd

1.Information: Valferšir Ltd (Valtours)*, an Icelandic Tour Operator and Travel Agency, hereafter called the company, has made every effort to ensure that the information contained in the tour descriptions on this website shall be as precise and accurate as possible. It shall not, however, be held responsible for any errors or omissions, which in spite of these efforts may have found their way into these pages.

2.Reservations: A reservation,whether it is made verbally or in a written form by mail, telefax or E-mail, is a binding contract between the client and the company. However, this contract only becomes effective once the company has issued a written confirmation of the reservation and when the client has has paid the required deposit (of 30%) for our longer tours. A non-reimbursable booking fee of USD 100, GBP 50 is also collected for these longer tours.
Any requests by the client for extra services shall be stated in full in the contract.

3.Payments: Full payment(s), less the deposit which may have been required, of the tour price as published in these pages, shall reach the company and the travel documents issued, no less than 4 weeks prior to departure. For bookings made less than 4 weeks prior to departure, a payment in full must be made at the same time as the booking.
The company accepts payments by CASH, BANK TRANSFERS, VISA and EUROCARD-MASTERCARD credit-cards.

4.Prices and tariff changes: The prices quoted to the client at the time of the reservation can only subsequently be altered if one or several of the following price determinants have changed:
- Transport cost, there included fuel costs.
- Taxes or other government levies.
- Rate of exchange of the currency quoted for the tour.
However, the price of a tour which has already been paid in full shall not be altered for theses causes, and the price of a tour which has already been paid by more than a half but not in full can only be altered as far as this second half is concerned.
No price changes can be made less than 20 days from the departure date.
Special rates shall apply to requested services which are not included in these pages.

5. Cancellations and booking changes: For all cancellations made more than 30 days from the departure date, the full sum of the tour price already paid shall be reimbursed to the client, less the USD 100, GBP 50 booking fee. For later cancellations, we apply the following reckoner:

- Less than 30 days but more than 14 days from departure: We retain 25% of price.
-Less than 14 days but more than one week: We retain 50%.
-Less than one week but more than 4 working days: We retain 75%.
-Less than 4 working days: No refund.

If the client does not show up for departure at the scheduled time and place, or if he turns out to be unable to do so for lack, for instance, of valid travel documents (passport, visa, etc.) or for any similar causes, he will not be eligible for any refunds. On the other hand, however, the client will always have the right not to depart in the event of war, breakout of contagious diseases, and other similar occurrences which will have negative effects or otherwise impede the journey when less than 14 days remain before the scheduled departure date. In such cases, the company will refund the total price, less the booking fee. Nevertheless, this clause will not apply in case the aforementioned events were foreseeable, or even known already by the client at the time of booking.
The client will have the right to freely change his departure date if the change takes place more than 30 days from the departure date. Less than 30 days from departure, the change will be considered as a cancellation and a new booking by the client and the company will reserve right in such cases to collect cancellation fees according to the reckoner outlined earlier.
Changing a destination will always be considered as a cancellation.
All other changes requested by the client will be billed accordingly by the company.

6. Altered itineraries and tour cancellations by the company.The company shall not be held responsible for unforeseeable events and circumstances, whose effects it can not mitigate or forestall. If unforeseeable events and dangerous occurrences which could put the lives of the tour participants at risk are likely to take place, then the company reserves the right to change any travel arrangements prior to and during the tour, either itself directly from it's operating base or indirectly by the decision of it's tour guides and group leaders: all travel dates and schedules as well as itineraries are liable to be altered in such cases without the clients being entitled to any damages.
In extreme cases, the company reserves the right to cancel scheduled departures.
In case such a decision is made prior to the scheduled departure, the company will make every effort to inform the participants immediately. In case there is a major change of plan, i.e. different itinerary, destination, etc. the informed client shall be required to advice the company whether or not he will rescind his contract or if he prefers to sign a new contract where the new schedule will be outlined and it's effects on the tour price will be pinpointed.
The company will have the right to cancel scheduled departures in case of insufficient participation (usually 3 persons on our longer tours), since the minimum number of participants on each tour is clearly announced in the description of the relevant tour. In the case long tours being canceled, the company will inform it's clients at least 3 weeks in advance, whereas for shorter trips (less than 7 days duration), it will do so 2 weeks in advance.
In the event of a tour being cancelled, or when the client decides not to uphold his contract after major changes of his booked tour, he will then be entitled to a complete refund of the tour price, or be free to accept a substitution which the company may decide offer him in exchange. Should this substitution tour be cheaper than the original, the difference will be refunded to the client and if it is the other way around, he will pay a supplement.
Departure times and arrivals for tours are indicated without any obligation and are liable to be changed.

8. Client obligations:Each and every participant in our trips is under the obligation to submit himself to local police, health official and other public authority as well as to the instructions of the tour guide and/or group leader during the whole tour. He must behave in a courteous and well behaved manner towards the other participants and fully respect the rules which apply to the passengers of transport vehicles, to restaurant patrons and to hotel guests and other overnight dwellings, and in general in all such places where he alone will be fully responsible for his acts. Should any problems arise in this respect after the departure of the tour, or even if the client's conduct before the departure give reasons to suspect that his behaviour will seriously compromise a successful and enjoyable journey for the other participants of the tour, then the company will consider it to be it's right and duty to prevent this client from taking part in the tour and he will from then on be left to his own devices, at his own expense, to finish his travel without any rights to damages from the company.

9. Insurance, limited responsibility, claims and compensations:

The clients can, at their own expense, obtain from their insurance or credit card companies, a comprehensive insurance policy which will cover their risks of repatriation - accident- health-cancellation - baggage theft, etc.
The company itself reserves the right to limit it's own responsibilities according to the laws now in vigour in Iceland as well as according to the international rules pertaining to such matters.
The company presumes that the participants on it's trips are in such good health so as not to be of a persistent annoyance to their fellow travelers and not to impede the good pursuance of the journey with their matters of health. Finding himself unable to carry on and finish the journey for health reasons, a client will not be entitled to seek any compensation from the company which to all intents and purposes can not be held accountable for this state of affairs.
Any complaints or claims must, during the trip, be addressed immediately to the tour guide or group leader. Thereafter, they must be expressed in a written form as soon as possible and forwarded, in order to be receivable,at the latest one month after the journey's end to the company which reserves, after this delay has passed, the right to refuse any demand for compensation.
In the event of a client sustaining injuries or his belongings being damaged from an incident which happens during the trip, he will be entitled to a compensation unless it can be ascertained that the incident cannot be traced to a negligence on the part of the company or any of it's providers of services or can be traced to a negligence on the client's own behalf or that it is the consequence of the acts of a third party or that it is the result of a "force majeure" cause over which the company holds no control and for which it cannot be held responsible.
If ,during the tour, the client deems that the tour is not being carried out in a satisfactory manner according to the terms of his contract, he can demand that this state of affairs be put right, unless the corrective measures will entail incommensurate expenses and troubles for the company. Should it prove impossible to take these corrective measures and that the rendered services will indeed turn out to be insufficient, the client will then be entitled to a refund amounting to balance between the price paid for the tour and the services effectively rendered.

*Valferšir ehf (Valtours Ltd),

is a private limited company incorporated in Reykjavķk, Iceland in 1992, and registered as such under the registration number 550792-2659 at the office of the Limited Company's Registrar (RSK-Hlutafélagskrį: Operating a Travel Agency, organizing tours

Jurisdiction: Hérašsdómur Reykjavķkur (The Reykjavķk District Court).

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