Landmannalaugar and the Fjallabak Nature Reserve


Day 1: (Thursday afternoon or evening*)
We will start by fetching you at the Keflavik International Airport as you disembark from your continental Europe to Iceland flight, either in the afternoon ,from Copenhagen (Kastrup) or late evening from London (Stansted) and whisk you off to Reykjavik (about 30 miles from the airport). For those arriving early enough, we'll be stopping off on the way at the renowned Blue-Lagoon geothermal power plant and bathing resort for a quick swim and early taste of Iceland.
Overnight place of stay in ReykjavÝk or close vicinity.

Day 2: (Friday)
Leaving ReykjavÝk early (8 a.m.), we start by driving eastwards past the towns of Hverager­i and Selfoss before heading inland towards Iceland's most famous volcano, the Hekla.
Driving northwards along the western side of the volcano, through large fields of pumice which the volcano has produced in successive eruptions (the last one occurred in February 2000),we will then, a few miles to the north of the mountain,turn off the main road and head for the Dˇmadalur trail where countless lavafields and craters adorn the landscape.
Passing several unbridged rivers and streams, and penetrating into the Fjallabak Nature Reserve about halfway, we will shortly after noontime arrive at Landmannalaugar, one of Iceland 's most highly praised beauty spots, where we will start by enjoying a picnic style lunch.
In the afternoon , we will have a choice between several good hiking opportunities i.e. following the path alongside the Blßhn˙kur (Blue Peak) up towards the sulphur pits at Brennisteinsalda (Sulphur Ridge) or we can explore the colourful J÷kulgil canyon with it 's beautiful rhyolitic rock formations.
But the main attraction of Landmannalaugar is it 's warm natural pool where one can have a soothing bath in the warm hotspring water which flows incessantly from underneath a nearby lavafield and at the end of the day, we will not fail to make the most of this wonderful facility.So please dont forget to bring your swimsuit along for this tour.
Supper and overnight stay at the Fer­afÚlag ═slands mountain cabin, or exceptionally, should no room available there, we will be camping at the Landmannalaugar campside.

Day 3: (Saturday)
A full day spent hiking in the Landmannalaugar area: we have the choice between several interesting trails:
-The very colourful J÷kulgil canyon, up towards Hßbarmur, and the Hattur rock, and back via the sulphur ridge, Brennisteinsalda.
-The Su­urnßmur ridge.
-Towards mount Tj÷rfafell, around the impressiveLjˇtipollur explosive crater, and back via the lake Frostasta­avatn, etc

Day 4:(Sunday)
Leaving Landmannalaugar around noontime, we will have a picnic lunch before heading back to ReykjavÝk via the Sigalda and B˙rfell hydro-electric power plants and the Ůjˇrsßrdalur valley, where we can visit "Ůjˇ­veldisbŠrinn", the reconstructed Saga Age farm and the Hjßlparfoss waterfall.
Return to ReykjavÝk in the very late afternoon.

*Note: If preferred, this tour can also be taken from a Friday evening until Monday afternoon, or modified differently according to your flight schedules. Contact us.

Duration of tour: 3 days, 3 nights.
Minimum number of passengers: 2 persons Max: 10. (Bigger private groups can be accommodated)
Departures from Reykjavik: Fridays by-weekly or by request, in summer and autumn only.

The Landmannalaugar Tour only:
( June-August)

Deposit amount at reservation: 20% ;Single room supplement: +16%
Scheduled departures for 2014 : See schedules.

Conditions of sale.

Services included: Four-wheel drive transportation* and guidance,
-hotel accommodation on day 1 and 4;
-accommodation in the Landamannalaugar mountain cabin and sleeping-bags.
(or in our tents if cabin is fully occupied).
*The (4x4) Vehicles generally used:
1 > 4 Passengers : Toyota Landcruiser ; 5 > 10: Ford Econoline,
Meals: Full-board: Picnic style lunch & own cooked dinners, breakfast and picnic lunches. Last evening dinner not included.
Necessary gear: Good outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear. Also bring your swimsuit.
Services included: four-wheel drive transportation and guidance, mountain hut / tent lodgings.