Birdwatching Tours

Valferðir offers a variety of birdwatching tours, ranging from a short one day trips in the vicinity of Reykjavík, to upto ten day long tours which cover most of the important birdwatching places in the country.

There are essentially two kinds of birding tours:
The Private Tour. We undertake to help a passionate birdwatcher or group of scholars or professional people to organise a customized, taylor-made birding tour of their choice, guided either by our own experienced birding guides or by a professional ornithologist. The goal of such a tour may be to spot a particular rare species of birds (for example the Icelandic Gyrfalcon ) in it's natural habitat, and the duration of tour may range from anything from a few days to almost a whole month. Conditions for the organization of such tours are supplied on request by our office.

B) The Public Tours.

There are four kind of those on offer: (Tour I): On the regular Day Tour birdwatching excursion with Valferðir , covering the Reykjavík metropolitan area and the Reykjanes peninsula, we stand a good chance of spotting about 35-40 different species of birds ; another 10- 15 can be added if you opt for a 4 day tour taking in for instance the West and North-Western Fjords tour (Tour II), whereas on the Valtours Classic Iceland One Week Birding Tour (Tour III.), we can expect to see about 65-70 species altogether. Tour IV, finally, The Valtours Grand Iceland Birding Tour 2014 should give us a chance to almost all of the local birds, plus a few of the vagrant birds as well, perhaps close to 100 species in all.

By far the biggest majority of birds which you will see on our birding tours are local nesting birds, of which there are now 75 recognized species, (Iceland Breeding Birds), to which another 27 species of occasional breeders can be added,(Iceland's Occasional Breeding birds).
Nevertheless, given that the country is situated at the junction of the Arctic Ocean, the North-American continent, the Atlantic Ocean and continental Europe, a large number of vagrant and stray birds are inevitably sighted in Iceland each year. Accurate and confirmed sightings of such vagrants are now standing at 251 species, (Iceland Vagrant Birds), to which there is a new addition almost every year.

Tour I: (One day): Daily, departures, except November - March. by request, e-mail or call us.
Tour II: (4 Days) Departures every Mondayin April, May //September, Mid-October, by request,e-mail or call us.
Price pr.person for Tours I or II:
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Minimum participation: 3 persons.
Services Included : Four-wheel drive transportation and guidance only.

Tour III: ( The Valtours Popular Iceland One Week Birding Tour: In order to be able to take advantage of the best birdwatching- and weather conditions, etc, at any given time there is no predetermined itinerary for this tour. Usually, we only make up our minds a few days before setting off. However, as a rule there are generally only two basic options open to us:

A) West-North: First, we head up to the West of Iceland, via the the fjord of Hvalfjörður, the Álftanes region, the Snæfellsnes peninsula, the Breiðafjörður islands, Látrabjarg cliffs, the Western fjords, Æðey island, and then cross to North Iceland, ending up by exploring the lake Mývatn area and the Tjörnes peninsula.

B) South: We start in the vicinity of Reykjavík, the Álftanes (no, not the same as the other one!) and Reykjanes peninsulas, and then head for the South of Iceland via the birdcliffs at Krýsuvík, the Flói / Ölfusá River Sanctuary, the Vestman Islands, the Dyrahólaey area, Hjörleifshöfði and and finishing the tour in the South-East of Iceland, with it's skuas and other migrating and vagrant birds in the vicinity of Höfn in Hornafjörður, and if we have the time, the swan colonies at Álftafjörður..

Important Note: These itineraries are given as an indication only: in the event of a sighting of very special rare bird being reported in some particular area (for example of a Snowy-Owl in the Central Highlands) we may decide to head for that location. Such decisions and others concerning the itinerary, will be made by the Tour Guide in consultation with the participants.

Tour III:
Departures: every Mondayin , May, June, July, first week of September.
Duration: 7 days, 7 nights.
Minimum participation: 3 persons
Services included: Four-wheel drive transportation and guidance, half-board fare, and accommodation:
Accommodation: Small comfortable hotels, farm accommodation or similar, in double rooms, usually but not always with "en suite" facilities.
Single room supplement: +13%.
Food: Half-board, (big breakfast, three course dinner), starting with dinner on first day and ending with dinner on the last day. Drinks/minibars not included
Price pr.person for Tour III : , (click inside box to select your currency)
Deposit required at the reservation: 30%

For tours lasting more than a day, a reservation and a 30% deposit is required.

Tour IV: The Valtours Grand Iceland Birding Tour 2014

Conditions of sale.

Necessary Gear:: Good binoculars are a must of course for all these tours, a scope is an asset if you have one, as well as good outdoorwear and sturdy boots. Also bring your swimsuit.