The Harnessing of Geothermal Energy

Tours suspended because of adverse effect of these powerplants on the environment

The tour will set off from ReykjavÝk and it will take us alongside the hot water ducts into the valley of Mosfellsdalur where we will go and inspect the earliest installations of Hitaveita ReykjavÝkur (the city's Geothermal Power Company) at a place called Sy­ri-Reykir where over 70 holes have been drilled in order to capture the area's geothermal energy.
Crossing over the Mosfellshei­i moor and catching a good view of the lake Ůingvallavatn, we will drive along it's shores until we reach Nesjavellir geothermal area where we will find the company's most recent facility, the Nesjavellir geothermal power plant. There you will be taken on a tour of the facility and given a thorough explanation of it's functions.
After a short lunchbreak at the Nesb˙­ cafeteria, we will cross the mountain pass Dyradalur above Nesjavellir and get a good view of the Hengillinn central-volcano area then proceed over to a track in the Blßfjalla mountain range, which can been seen to the east of ReykjavÝk, and where it's people go skiing in the wintertime.
Crossing once again over this mountain range at Vatnsskar­, and along the shores of the lake Kleifarvatn, we will go and inspect the the remains of the first (unsuccessful) attempts to capture geothermal energy at Selt˙n.
Arriving at the Svartsengi power-plant near GrindavÝk in the afternoon, we will again go on a tour of the facility at the end of which you will be able to appreciate how similar technical problems have been tackled in a different manner at each site and how techniques for harnessing this vital source of energy for the people of Iceland have steadily improved over the past decades.
We will round off this tour by taking a good swim in the Blue Lagoon (bring along your swimsuit) and return to town in the late afternoon.
Duration: 5 hours,
Minimum number of passengers: 3 persons.
Departures:. 8:30 a.m, Daily by request.
Price pr.person:
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Included services: Four-wheel drive transportation and guidance, entry to Blue Lagoon

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