Incentive and Motivation Tours

Although never, from the outset, having advertised or intended to create special services for companies or professional associations willing to come to Iceland for their small reunions or working weekends, etc., we here at Valtours have time and again been asked to organize such events, and finally having reluctantly given in and acquiesced, we have now managed to carry out quite a number of such tours successfully.
Among our satisfied clients are a small French regional bank, and the senior sales representatives of a large insurance company from that country, an association retired Canadian Engineers, delegates from the Lithuanian Farmers Association, the staff of a certain Danish government institution, etc.
Generally, such Incentive and Motivation Tours, as we call them, are of a relatively short duration, usually an extended weekend of 3 - 4 days is sufficient, with the available time usually split into one or two days for intensive work reunions, discussions and meetings, and the rest of the time left over for R & R, i.e. Rest and Recreation.
The tour organization is usually of the so-called "hub and spoke" type, i.e. the group, upon arrival, checks into a good hotel, fully equipped with meeting rooms, and all the necessary overhead projectors and computer display systems,copiers, etc. The group will stay in this hotel for the whole duration of the tour and set out on the leisure and recreation activities from this hotel in the morning and return there in the evening.
Among the most popular of such activities are:

Of course, the most popular venues for such tours are the *** and **** hotels in Reykjavķk, with all the attractions of the city right at hand. However, in the last few years, quite a few of the small towns and villages in the South and West of Iceland, have acquired hotels of a similar standing, with all the necessary facilities to successfully host a tour of this type. To name but a few:

Period of Operation: September - June each year. Since the high tourist season in Iceland extends for a little over two months in summer (July and August), with most of the major hotels being fully booked during that period, we are, as a rule only able to provide these Incentive and Motivation Tours outside this peak period. However, important cancellations can sometimes occur in the high season, and such an event, we may possibly be able to organize your Incentive Tour within this peak period.

Reservations: At least one month prior to the intended departure date.

Services included: As per agreement.

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