Žingvellir National Park and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant

Tours cancelled: destination has become victim of trash-tourism

We start this tour by travelling eastwards along the "Lineroad", (so-called after the huge hotwater pipeline which straddles it), heading for Dyradalur pass in the Hengillinn mountain range. The area which we will be crossing has been hit by some unexpected tremours and earthquakes in recent weeks which the geologists believe to be linked to magma intrusions underneath the Hengill central volcanic system.
Dyradalur is renowned for it's windshaped rock formations and on the other side of it we will arrive at a platform from which there is a panoramic view over the Nesjavellir power plant, the countless fumaroles and hotsprings in the area and over the lake Žingvallavatn itself.
Once we have had a close-up look at the power plant , the steaming boreholes and the ongoing work to enlarge the plant, we will proceed northwards, along the shores of the lake to a place called Jórukleif, which offers an incomparable view over the lake and especially towards the two volcanic islands, Nesjaey and Sandey, which adourn it.
Soon thereafter, we will arrive at the Žingvellir National Park, Iceland's first, and proceed to the Almannagjį panoramic viewpoint which is the best place the country to observe the effects which the drift of the continents, along the Mid-Atlantic ridge, has had on the earth's crust. We will then walk down the rift towards the site of the old Icelandic Parliament, the Alžing, which was founded here in the year 930 A.D.
We will then round off this tour by driving around the northern shores of the lake, past the hydro-electric powerplants on the river Sogiš, towards the greenhouse village of Hveragerši, where we can switch to a more favorable climate by going to see the flowering tropical plants at the greenhouse Eden.
Another interesting possibility would be to go and relax in the natural sauna bath at the Hveragerši swimming pool, which is one of the country's best.

Duration of tour: 3,5 - 4 hours,
Departures: 8:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. , Daily by request.

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