SnŠfellsnes Peninsula Round Tour

Leaving early for a leisurely drive through western Iceland, via Hvalfj÷r­ur,(the Bay of Whales), with it's majestic scenery and World War II relics, we will arrive in the middle of the morning at the regional capital Borgarnes which is splendidly situated on bay of Faxaflˇi.
Pursuing our trip northwards through the county of Mřrar which adorns one of the country's most beautifully shaped volcanic craters, the Eldborg, we will continue our journey through lava fields on southern side of the SnŠfellsnes peninsula, to Ger­uberg which is an impressive cliff of basaltic columns about a mile long.
Ílduhryggur ridge marks an ancient sea level for many miles in this area, and between it and the mountains lie countless lakes and ponds giving sanctuary to dozens of species of birds, some of which are quite rare.
At the farms of Ílkelda and Lřsuhˇll we can taste some delicious, sparkling mineral water, which flows freely from their wells. Nearby, the landmarks of Bjarnafoss, B˙­ir with it's lava-field and sandy beaches are an endless source of inspiration to creative photographers.
Another such place is Arnarstapi, where the view to mount Stapafell, with the famous SnŠfellsj÷kull glacier in the background, irresistibly draws the attention of the visitor. There, on top of the cliffs, we set off on a hike along seaside, among the thousands of kittiwakes, cormorants and seagulls which make those cliffs their home.
Reaching the tip of the SnŠfellsnes peninsula, we find the eerie rocks at Malarrif, the lava caves at Purkhˇlar and then we will walk down to the seaside at Dj˙palˇnssandur and examine the wreck of the British trawler Epine, which ran aground here in 1948.
At Gufuskßlar, we can see the tallest structure in Iceland,(which for decades was also Europe's tallest) and a further on, at the edge of the lava field behind the village of Hellissandur, lie the oldest remains of a fishing industry in this country, the stockfish drying sheds which have been dated back to the early 13th century. A small folk-museum in the village, dedicated to ancient fisheries , is well worth a visit.
The town of ËlafsvÝk, on the northern side of the peninsula, is ideal for stopping over and getting refreshments, as well as to watch a busy fishing village in action.
Heading back eastwards along the northern shores of the peninsula, we will first arrive at the impressive B˙landsh÷f­i mull, which is geologically renowned for being one of the most important finding places of fossilized plants in Iceland and from the high passing road , we will get a splendid view of the northern coastline.
The town of Grundarfj÷r­ur and it's vicinity are justly reputed for splendid scenery: waterfalls and especially the conically shapedKirkjufell mountain.
Return to ReykjavÝk over the Kerlingarskar­ mountain pass and the impressive road tunnel under the Hvalfj÷r­ur bay in the late afternoon.
Duration of tour:10 - 11 hours,
Departures : Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.,andby request.
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