The Volcano Hekla and vicinity

We set off early on this daytour, and start by driving eastwards across the Hellishei­i plateau, past Hverager­i and, turning north off the main road at Ingˇlfsfjall, on to the splendid volcanic crater Keri­ in the GrÝmsnes county. At the old bishopric Skßlholt, which was the prime religious and spiritual centre of Iceland for centuries, we will visit the new cathedral, which is renowned for it 's architectural splendour and acoustic excellence.
After a short halt for refreshments at the small village of Fl˙­ir, we will head up the Ůjˇrsßrdalur valley which was devastated in the year 1104 by a huge eruption in Iceland 's most famous volcano, the Hekla.
In that valley, we can start by admiring the beautiful Hjßlparfoss waterfall,and then visit the excavated ruins of a viking age homestead at St÷ng and thereafter visit "Ůjˇ­veldisbŠrinn", a reconstructed version of it built on top of a hill near the B˙rfell hydroelectric power-station.
To the north of the B˙rfell high dam, we will encounter scores of workers and engineers with heavy equipment which are busy building a new extension to the existing power installations in the area, and shortly thereafter we will cross eastwards over Iceland 's longest river, the Ůjˇrsß and from there hopefully catch our first panoramic view of the impressive volcano Hekla whose last eruption dates back to February 2000.
Crossing alongside the mountain over vast stretches of pumice and lava fields, we will try and get a glimpse of one of the newest lavaflows in the area at SkjˇlkvÝar (1970),and visit the little Hekla museum at Br˙arlundur before heading back home in the afternoon.(on the way,in case someone is interested, there are several farms which offer riding trips to visitors)via the towns of Selfoss and Hverager­i, with a look into the Eden Greenhouse, and thenback to ReykjavÝk.
Duration of tour: 8-9 hours,
Departures: Wednesdays at 8:30 a.m.,andby request.
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Services included: Four-wheel drive transportation and guidance.