Žingvellir,Gullfoss and Geysir

Tours cancelled: destination has become victim of trash-tourism

Leaving Reykjavķk at 8:30 am,we drive eastward alongside the aquaduct containing the hot water which is being harnessed at the Nesjavellir power plant and pumped towards the city.
After a visit to this spectacular geothermal area, we drive along the shores of the Žingvallavatn lake towards the National Park and first to Almannagjį, where effects of the tectonic plate movements on the earth's crust can clearly be seen, then walk down towards Žingvellir, the parliament plains, where the country's national assembly took place for centuries.
Proceeding across the Lyngdalsheiši moor, with it's numerous caves and volcanic craters, we will discover the Laugarvatn holiday resort and thence, heading northwards, we will reach the world famous Geysir geothermal area. The "old faithful" himself, after the frequent earthquakes and tremors in June 2000,erupts sporadically, but nearby Strokkur erupts regularly every 4-5 minutes.
After lunch, (not included),we will drive a few miles up the road to the splendid Gullfoss waterfall, which never fails to profoundly impress the visitor.
Heading back through the Biskupstungur region, we can often see big herds of icelandic horses, and large gatherings of wild geese or swans, especially in the spring-and autumn times.
At the old bishopric Skįlholt, which was the prime religious and spiritual centre of Iceland for centuries, we will visit the new cathedral, which is renowned for it's architectural splendour and acoustic excellence. Outside, we can also witness the ongoing archaeological investigations at Skįlholt.
The perfectly shaped volcanic crater Keriš in the Grķmsnes county, is commonly considered to be one of Iceland's finest and from there we will proceed towards the greenhouse village of Hveragerši, where,after a town visit, we can switch to a more favorable climate by going to see some flowering tropical plants at the Eden greenhouse.
Another interesting possibility would be to go and relax in the natural sauna bath at the Hveragerši swimming pool, which is one of the country's best.
Duration of tour: 6 - 7 hours,
:Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8:30 a.m., and by request.
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Services included: Four-wheel drive transportation and guidance.