Hei­m÷rk and B˙rfell crater hiking trip

We start this trip by heading eastwards, past Rau­avatn, along the main highway and leave it at Rau­hˇlar,(the Red Hills), which is a group of pseudo-craters at the tip of the Hˇlmshraun lava field. The hills,which were badly damaged in the early part of this century by indiscriminate gravel mining, were later declared a natural monument , and today they are one of the best known landmarks in the city's vicinity.
We will proceed to the old farm of Elli­avatn, and take a little walk along the shores of the lake by the same name to Ůingnes, which is probably the oldest gathering place in the country since archeological research has revealed that a local parliament,a so called "■ing", took place there around the year 900 A.D. But the mind of the traveler is much more likely to dwell on the natural beauty of the lake and thriving bird life around it than past history.
Thereafter, we will take a leisurely drive through Hei­m÷rk Nature Reserve, where an ambitious reafforestion program has been taking place for the past 50 years, and climb up to Hjallaendi vantage point which offers a panoramic view over the whole greater ReykjavÝk area and the Blßfj÷ll mountain range.
At Selgjß, we will leave the car and go for an hour long hike up the path of the lava flow from the crater B˙rfell, which not only is one of the most impressive of it's kind in the vicinity of ReykjavÝk, but for the country as a whole.
On our way back, we may want to take a peek into a group of caves,known as MarÝuhellar, before heading back for the city.

Duration of tour: 3 hours,
Departures: Daily by request,
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