Ţórsmörk,the green and glacial valley


Ţórsmörk, one of Iceland's most renowned beauty spots and our destination for this daytour, is an enclave surrounded on three sides by spectacular glaciers, and only accessible by (4x4) vehicles which,in order to reach it, have to ford more than 20 brooks and streams!
Once there, we will start by admiring the Gígjökull glacial lagoon, and then proceed to explore the majestic Stakkholtsgjá gorge on foot.
The afternoon will spent on exploring the area north of the river Krossá, ascending perhaps the mount Valahnúkur from whose summit one can enjoy a compelling view of the nearby glaciers. Another possibility is to go and marvel at the bizarre rock formations at Stóriendi.
Return to Reykjavík, by way of the celebrated Seljalandsfoss waterfall, in the late afternoon.
Duration of tour: 10 hours ,
Departure dates: Mondays at 8:00 a.m ,or by request.
Services included: (4x4)Transportation and guidance.
Price per person, (for 3 passengers or more):
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