Valtours is proud to be able offer to it's clients the possibility of organizing their own customized tours or group transports, with or without guide services, for upto fourteen passengers, to any destination in Iceland.

Prior to their arrival in Iceland, we are also ready to offer to these clients, free of charge, any such advice, information and counselling which they may need for a successful planning of their trip.

For instance, we have recently helped to plan and carry out such varied trips and prjects as the following:

We therefore invite all those who may be in need of such specialized or customized services to contact us, either:

1) If there is ample time available, the normal way through E-mail or by Fax to which we will reply in less than 24 hours, with a firm proposition to carry out the required services at a certain price.

2) At a short notice, by way of a telephone, on a 24 hour basis, in order to ascertain whether we are available for the required services.

Our main telephone number is 445.6390.Mobile: GSM 895.1245
(all phones linked to answering machines)